Why Zack Snyder's New Batman's Chest Logo Is So Big?


Well, Its a question which is coming in everyone’s mind after they released the first look of Batman in Batman vs. Superman. Some are okay with it, some are finding themselves incapable to digest it and some are making memes of it like the following image.

Lolzz, but what i find is somewhere the film makers are right. Lemme show you some images, so that you can get their perception.


Watch the chest logo of the new Batman carefully.


Now, watch the chest logo of the new Superman



Now this image

superman vs. batman


What i feel that the film makers just wanted to make the chest logo of Batman as big and prominent as Superman’s so that both logo gives similar visual influence.

Lolzz, my perception 😛

Take Care

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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