My 5 Myths about Mumbai People, Busted Beautifully

People say Mumbaikars (Mumbai Citizens) are this, Mumbaikars are that. Well here are 5 myths which I used to have before visiting Mumbai which busted beautifully.



They don’t care about the shit

Lol, totally wrong. Mumbaikars are also Indians; They care about the shit happening in the street and also like to have fun. One day I was going to Andheri and on platform I found two Mumbaikars are fighting furiously and others were having fun by making crowd circle. That’s the truth.


Mumbaikars don’t poke nose

Oh My God?? Who the hell is spreading these kind of rumors? What I have seen is Mumbaikars poke their nose in others matter more. I had someone known in Mumbai who had an apartment in Versova. One day they got a complaint report by other residents of that apartment that they have high visitors and guests in their home which is not acceptable.


What the Fish??? Who the hell are they to decide how many guest a family should allow in a year? Damn its Versova, a highly posh area. Lolzzz.


Mumbaikars swear a lot

Well, this may be a positive factor of Mumbaikars. They really don’t swear like those Delhiiites, Punjabis or palwalias. The sounds in the surrounding is quite gaali-less.


Mumbaikars are helpful

Maybe, but neither I saw this factor in them nor my mother has. Lemme tell you my mother’s incidence. She is suffering from hernia, has thyroid, aged and fatigue issue and was traveling in the so called Mumbai ladies dabba. There was no seat for her, she waited till a young lady had her station stop, when my mother tried to grab that seat the young lady pushed her away and called another young lady (maybe her friend) to have a seat saying (to my mom) that “iski baari hai” (it’s her turn). Hmmm.


Mumbaikars know the map.

Lolzz…. They are worse in their local maps until the address is a place like tajmahal or a big mall. Suppose, you are searching an address or a shop and asked a local Mumbaikar for a favor to tell you the exact route and the answer would be “Meko Ni Pata”.

Well, these are my opinion based on the experience which I tasted in Mumbai struggle. Different people have different views, this is my views. Hoping it will connect you.

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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