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Jugaad , a technology on which the whole world is still researching and trying to master it. But, we Indians are born Jugaad Kings. Here are some  images, which will  make you feel proud … ahem ahem 😛

0 02-amazing-indian-inventions-040812 982d0-245994 10171640_654914347903649_1775235995_n 90917923e1c95191e81d0baf560eb0cf abhisaysJugaad2 abhisaysJugaad3 abhisaysJugaad6 abhisaysJugaad15 abhisaysJugaad16 adsrtgsedfg bike-bell-jugaad-711482 cd2f6357e0f09f2db416f667ae5bb4d3 desi-brush-holder desi-jugaad-978 desi-jugaad-save-fuel Funny Desi Jugaad Pictures & Photos from India funny-images-jugaad-indian-people-pictures-humor-photos-bajiroo-7 fzdsfges heights-of-jugaad Hot-Water-Technic-of-Indian-Engineering-student-in-Hostel hqdefault images Indian-Jugaad-Technology Ipod Jugaad jugaad09 Jugaad 3545425 Jugaad Of The Day toothbrush-rack travel-style-funny-indian-jugaad

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Parth Chakraborty

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