India is Not That Bad as They Tell Us

actual indiaA woman in New York conducted a social experiment (yet another) where she walked for hours on the streets and recorded how she was teased by many. It is because of these small & big incidences that west has began to re-assess what’s gone wrong in thier society. So they’re now looking east towards our value system to make amends.

Now back home in India, as the habit is, some people thought let’s emulate this experiment in our country.
To their surprise, contrary to what the hype against indian men would lead us to believe, barely anyone noticed her – let alone tease.

Feminists would like the world to believe that India is a hell for women and use the reports in western media to convince the women of our country that they are immensely suppressed and must be provided special rights everywhere.
Well guess what feminists, you have been noticed and thou shalt be exposed with due diligence and care in time to come.
1) The social experiment was done in Pune and Mumbai with similar results as mentioned earlier.
2) It’s not that crime against women don’t happen in India. But complaining and bad mouthing our country is not going to help matters either. Let’s try to bring a positive change
New York – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1XGPvbWn0A
Pune – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY9JwXXSNBI
Mumbai – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPFdLWPJGck

The situation is not that bad as presented by some ngos and media houses..bcz of sensational news…. Our country is in developing phase and if we do not copy west blindly and kepp intact our good traditional values then in coming time India will be the best place for women on this earth. #hail_wakenminded #kick_broadminded

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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