How To Send a Product To Foreign Countries by Speed Post?


Ever planned to send something to foreign country or got an eCommerce order from foreign? But don’t know how to do this, what is the procedure? , what kind of complications you have to face? What kind of legal issues? Are you following the custom standards? Lots of confusions, little fear, and no experience, Awwwwwwwwwwwww………   Well, if it’s not urgent and you want a good service with cheaper price, then you should use SPEED POST. Sending a product in foreign country is not a big deal and totally hassle free.   So, I am going to tell you the steps:

1>  Know The Charges

Just Visit http://www.indiapost.gov.in/SP_Int.aspx , Here you will fund the rate calculator, you just need to input the weight of the product in grams and select the destination country. This rate calculator will tell you the final charges.

2>  Pack Your Product Safely This is most important, because you are sending an item to a foreign country. So, you should ensure your product safety, do wrap it several times with a “HEAVY DUTY BUBBLE WRAP” and then put the whole inside a cardboard box.   If you are not finding a “HEAVY DUTY BUBBLE WRAP” in your local shops, you can buy it online from HERE.


3>  Visit Speed Post

and they will give you a “CUSTOM DECLARATION CN23 FORM” which you have to fill. I have attached an image of it and pointed the mandatory areas.     Custom Declaration CN23 Form   FILLING THE CN23 FORM :

  • In “1”, you have to fill the sender’s detail.
  • In “2”, you have to fill the receiver’s detail.
  • In “3”, you have to fill what is inside the box.
  • In “4”, you have to fill the quantity of the product.
  • In “5”, you have to fill the weight.
  • In “6”, you have to select the purpose of the sending, select “other” if the options are not matching with your purpose.
  • In “7”, if your purpose is not matching with any of the option, then, you have to give the explanation.
  • In “8”, you have to fill the date of posting.
  • In “9”, you have to sign.

I am attaching the Custom Declaration CN23 form with official Instructions with it, which you can download and print and can use to send you product. Custom Declaration CN23 form


4>  Attach this form with the item box.


5> Then

And, give it to the worker in the Speed Post. He will complete the remaining steps and will give you the receipt, on which a tracking code is written. Keep this receipt with yourself, you can also check out the status of your product. Like, where it has been reached till now. You have to visit this page of Speed Post and enter the Tracking Code.


6>  Mission Accomplished. You Have Done It.

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