How To Look Like A Geek? | How To Act Like A Geek?

Meh , Crazy Question… lolzz, but maybe useful for some people.

Here are some crazy steps which will make you look like a geek



1>  Work On Your Hairs

Don’t apply shampoo, stay away from conditioners, and most important… apply some sarso ka tel (mustard oil) on your hair. Beautiful

geek hair

2>  Get Specks

This will give you an extra sweetness on your geek personality. So, get a frame which is big, which is thick, which is black, or brown, or transparent brown. Like this image. Perrrrfect

geek specks frames


3>  Get Braces

If you want to cross some more limits, brace your teeth. Hehe , cool

braces geek

Image Source


4>  Act Abnormally

Nah Nah, I am not suggesting to act like mad but act differently , other than the way normal humans behave 😀 , like act sad when its actually a joy time. Something like that.

Funny guy pointing up


5>  Baby Steps

Lol, this one is my favorite. I don’t know why its called baby steps. But, In this, walk slowly, feel your inner stupidity, yes you can do this 😀


6>  Bicott Deo

Do you want me to elaborate this?? You geek !!!! , lolzz… this article is finally affecting you mind 😛


7>  Mood

Seriousness and sadness, mix these two moods and act exactly like that.



8>  Haircut

Oh you want to become geek and doing a fancy haircut??? Cheater cock?? Huh -_- , Go, and get a bad hair cut, I would suggest don’t get a haircut for long time, and that step no. 1 will make it perfect.



9>  Facebook Post

Post something stupid on Facebook daily. Something like “ heyy guys, scratching my dog’s balls, enjoying it very much. “ .lol, instant geek celebrity .


10> Don’t Feel Energetic

Show that you are tired, lost the power, the Superman in front of green crystals or Shaktimaan in front of paap mani.



11> Don’t understand jokes

If someone cracks a joke in your group, don’t try to understand them.


12> Clothes

Buy some check shirt and remember, every button of that shirt should be buttoned when you wear it.

Funny guy pointing up


So, these are some useful steps , which will make you instant geek celebrity. Feel free to try this. lolzzzz

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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