How to Get Rid or Take Care Of Itchy, Wet and Sweaty Crotch – Damp, Wet, Humid?

sweaty crotch   Hello Guys,

I wanna ask some simple questions  :)

Do you have a crotch???

Lolzz, what a rubbish question?? Hahaha, every one has a crotch.

Hmmm… yeah right -___-


Another Question, Do you have a sweaty and itchy crotch?? Wanna play in water kingdom with your friends but cannot?? You are too conscious, because its rainy season and you don’t want to get wet because wet pants will give you again that tacky feeling.

Don’t worry. Because, today I am gonna tell you how to get rid of itchy, wet and sweaty crotch. There are plenty of articles on this topic, but I feel my article is best. Because, your very own author, who is me is also dealing with this kind of issue and there are some simple tricks which are really helping me and should help you too.

In my views, there is no way to completely get rid of this issue, but there are simple steps which will never make you feel that you are unlucky or different from others. Also, I wanna tell you, that it is not a disease or there is no reason to be ashamed of.

Now, I will tell you, what the hell it is actually??

Well, we all know that there are different types of skin, and we have that kind of skin which ejects more sweat and is much reactive to damp surrounding, due to this wetness the crotch becomes uncomfortable and starts itching.

What not to do?

Do not scratch, I know it really feels good. But, this feeling is just for couple of hours. Because, you are going to rupture your skin which will give you immense pain, then more itchiness and this cycle will go on.


What to do?

Aaahaaann… this is the real thing, for which we have gathered here. Here couple of beautiful steps which will help you very much. The last one is my favorite.

Use antiseptic soaps:

This is a good thing, because it will kill germ build up in your skin folds and also, in your crotch.

Use hair dryer:

After Bathing and toilet, do apply warm air by using hair dryer there.

Apply oil:

After bathing and toilet, do apply some mustard or sesame oil there. This is my favorite step because, after applying this there is really no need of taking care of anything. You can do anything, no fear, no itches, no damping plus there is no need of any hard work or anything. And believe me, this will help you very much. crotch So, guys here are my couple of tricks which I use and live a hassle free life. Do share it with your friends. Help others for the good karma.

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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Parth Chakraborty

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