How To Control Poop, Potty, Latrine in Public ?

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You got up from bed; did your regular job [like brush, poop, bath etc.], went out for regular work, you are happy and feeling free, but your ass and your stomach system are making a web for you in which you are going to be stucked. Now, at a public place like bus, road, street etc. you are having the urge, you are sweating and praying to the god to overcome this hell.


Admit it, you have faced this kind of situation… isn’t it?

Well, this is a serious issue and I am going to tell you that how I manage this.



Just Follow These Steps Right After You Get the Urge to Poop.


1>  Do Not Over Think :

Do not over think about this issue; be cool and optimistic that you are going to be free. So, just relax.

2>  Tighten Your Anus Muscle :

Oh it works, it really works. Just remember, nothing is more powerful than your determination. Your Anus is sealed so the shitty stuff can’t come out. It will give you some stomach ache, but this pressure will run away in just 1-2 minutes, remember… just 1-2 minutes.

3>  Sit Down :

Sitting on hard surface will give your anus an extra support and believe me you will feel better. So, Just grab a seat.

4>  Try This Placebo Effect Technique :

If you don’t know the meaning of placebo effect, BINGO !!!, then don’t try to find out the meaning of it because this is the fuel of this car. So, the technique is, take some saliva on your index finger and do the gentle circular massage inside your naval.




Suggestions & Warning:

a)      Don’t try these steps frequently; this should be practiced in rare case.

b)      Because, practicing this frequently can result in colon issues.

c)       Try to get a toilet or poop-able area as soon as possible.



So, these are some steps which can help you.

Take Care :)

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty is an unemployed Blogger and Musician.
He loves to sleep, sing rock songs and play guitar.
Parth Chakraborty

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