How MTV India Markets Our Loyalty ? | A Funny Example

Nowdays, in India Alia Bhatt Troll Memes are quite popular. Everyone knows the reason behind it, her stupid illogical replies in that t.v show will make you laugh out loud.

Also, there is another truth that MTV India is Very much popular in Indian youth and whether MTV is wrong or not , youth will follow it.

Here i am going to show a meme which opened my mind (lol, a little bit) . I don’t claim that this story is real. It is just for fun. Enjoy Guys 😛


Look at the wording of MTV in its Facebook Page. Their faking confidence and the way they are imposing their thoughts ” Alia Baby will be the super star ” on us.

alia baby mtv promotion

Lolzzz…. Are we Indian Youth are this stupid?? that a foreign company can brain wash us? can market our loyalty to itself? whatever they say will be the new Bhagwat Geeta saying? well i checked the comments on facebook on MTV’s post of this article. Everyone was making fun of it. Hahahahaha…


Here is the Link of FB post of MTV and the Article.


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