Disgusting Things In These 5 Bollywood Movies

Even no brainer movies are doing well, no good story, no good acting, no this no that, Still they earn crore, because this is India :) . We love watching movies, they are good time pass entertainment. Movies have great influence on today’s youth. Those film makers have are the real leaders of India, because, youth don’t listen to their parents but those celebrities and the things which are shown on that big screen. Some, Film makers and actors know this fact and hold that responsibility very well. But, most of them forget what is their duty towards this country and It’s people and embed some very lol stuff


I am listing some rubbish lol moments, story extracts in these movies which are not easily digestible.



Jannat 2 :

jannat 2

Lol, wait.. lemme laugh and little vomit :B , hahahahahahahaha…wack wack…snifff sniff surrrrrr…. Wash.

Hmm…. Here I am. Yh, so remember that scene?


Imran Hashmi Fucking a Prostitute, left her, get some slaps and cut from that police man, then he runs away, visits a doctor (Heroine)……. PYAAAARR HO GAYA, SACCHI WALA PYAAR, ISHQ WALA LOVE.

Those film makers are not serious for love… are they?

IT’S A BIG LOL. (-_-)




Satyam Shivam Sundaram:

Directed By : Raj Kapoor

Produced By : Raj Kapoor

Naam Hi Kaafi hai…. This man is a Path maker for the indian movie industry.

Still, I found something fishy and indigestible shit in this movie. Look at these images.


satyam shivam sundaram


Plotted in 1978, the location is a simple sober village, how the film makers got courage of embedding so much breast, low cleavages, those bra less boobs in that wet thin saari. Lol, Madam Rupa was busier in hiding her face rather than those jumping nipples from up and down side of that micro blouse.

Things are not digestible, nor I am going to praise it. What I feel it’s a third class strategy to attract the crowd.

Sorrie Raj Kapoor Ji, It was logicless :(




Dil Dosti Etc.:

I thought this movie would be great and will give some message, but it did nothing and ended abruptly. Full of randibaaji [prostitution] , fake image of delhi boys, sex and finally the good guy dies. Frankly speaking, it gave me AIDS. If the film maker gives excuses like we are showing what is actually happening in Delhi then I must say that you should have ended the movie with a good moral. If you haven’t watch this movie, I would suggest you please don’t.






Jhootha Hi Sahi:

Well this was a movie with some good people trying to save suicide commiters. But, there was a character whose role was played by Raghu [wohi kr skta tha ye role bhailogo 😛 ] … lemme laugh again, hahahahahahahahahaha…sniff sniff. So, Raghu had a sister, who is unmarried, who is careless, who is 8 months pregnant or may be 12 months [doesn’t matter]. Raghu was okay with it, that sister was okay with it but her boyfriend was so loving and was eager to marry her, but now Raghu’s sister is not interested. It’s just like Prem Chopra has fucked a girl and now is not interested to marry that girl. The surrounding in that movie was so cool, like nothing has happened.

But , the youth was at high risk of being misguided by this small shit in the movie.

Jhoota Hi Sahi-Hindi Movie Photo Stills (2)


Again, clapping for that Character played by Raghu. Lolzzz hahahahahaha




Nasha :




Look at its posters, that topless aunty, hiding her boobs either with a small board or with her hands. Aunty itna hi chupana hai to kapre hi pehen lo.

About the movie, ammm…. I knew it, there must be something rubbish in this movie. Dull story and then our aunty performs sex with that little boy, lolzzzz…. Comedy hai boss.





Well, I know that it takes so much time and money to complete a movie but that will not make it a perfect stuff.


So, guys this was a small list of rubbish contents in some movie. I will research more and will update the article. Also, you can notify me some more scenes and movie names by commenting on this article, so that I can make the list bigger :)


Have Fun

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