AXE DEO STRATEGY (Making fool of us, Maybe)

Maybe DEO companies are making fool of us like this , WHO KNOWS :p

Disclaimer :  The website is not saying that it is an actual incident.



One day, In AXE DEO Headquarter a scared employee came to the AXE owner

Employee to Boss: Sir, our sales of AXE deo is going down day by day, what I guess is that Indian men are becoming conscious about the fakeness of our ads, that flood of girls will go mad for them if they use our product.


Boss: What rubbish?? Indian men are born Dumb. Lemme Throw a new concept ad.



axe ad strategy



Employee: Wow, Watta genious you are, sales are going higher and higher.

Boss: See, I told you, Indians are sex hungry monkeys, make them fool and grow own business.

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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