Before we go further, lemme tell you the guidelines of . You should read each and every guideline throughly and have to keep them in mind while writing an article. Your every new article will be reviewed and then will be published; if your article fails to follow the guidelines then it will be discarded by the admin.



1>   Your Content Should be Original, No Copy Paste Allowed. Niether Google Loves This, Nor We. We can check that easily and if the Article is Copied, You Will Be Permanantly Banned from Our Site.

2>   Your Article Should Have 250 – 1500 Words.

3>   You Should Try To Use Less URLs in Your Article. The Less the Better.

4>   Choose Your Title Carefully, Just Keep in Mind That What a Google User Will Search So That Your Article Comes First.

5>   Use Simple and Easily Understandable Language.

6>   Use Images, Images are More Interactive and Makes The Article Dynamic.

7>   Your Content Should Not Contain Any Abusive Language or Pornography.


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Now, we think that you are ready.


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