6 Things which foreigners do will make us feel ashamed

We are Indians, and we are proud of our India.

Now I have a question…. Is India proud of us?


Lolzz… here are some picks which foreigners do will make Indians feel ashamed of themselves


They are proud of their language:

I still remember, i used to travel in local train to Palwal to reach my college and there was a board above the main door of the station master’s cabin. On that board, it was written “हमारी राष्ट्रीय भाषा हमारी माँ हैं” (YOUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE IS YOUR MOTHER). Lol, who cares??


I still remember, i was watching a crap new aged reality show on T.V and two contestants were arguing on a topic and suddenly one said,” If you can’t speak in English, Don’t waste my time. Hmmm….


Here, a small miss in your spoken English will become a question on your status and personality; you will be treated as a third class community person and a laughing stock. Crap mentality!!!



In winter, the priority in foreign is to get rid of cold, doesn’t matter how you are wearing that shawl or that cap is worn wrong way. But in India, no one can stop you being a laughing stock again.



Look at these pictures, damn crap!!!

images pan_jpg_1226525g Red design to attract foreign tourists-722222


This is the famous spit of India, most people are ridiculously addicted to Gutka, Paan, Tambaku(Tobacco), Khaini and after using it they are not afraid to spit it anywhere, doesn’t matter if it’s the corner of the stairs or the grill of the train window, inside the bus etc.


AD Mentality

Indians have a mentality that if there is a foreigner in the ad of a product, then the product is genuine. I have seen the reaction of Indians on the ads of today’s famous or upcoming android smartphone companies, or other products. The result is flying colors. Do foreigners have same mentality for us?



Aahaaannn…. Looks like, I am playing with the sore nerve of India. I usually don’t watch Indian movies much because they are mostly no brainier, a crap dead story. But, those foreign writers will always fascinate you with their writing skills, those animations in movies and the acting. Salute



There was a time in India… sorry, Golden time in India when the music was pure and real, people used to consider different types of music, whether its pure classical or western. But nowdays, only those crap rap party songs are in mainstream, these kind of songs have no brain and no meaning, full of rotten lyrics, fake music, software voice and people are enjoying. This is out of my mind.

But in foreign, people still consider different kind of music, Rock, Metal, Western classical, those 100 violin ensemble music and all.



So , Here is my list. If you want to add more points, feel free to comment, i will update it in this article :)

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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