4 Things Which Bollywood Actresses Don’t Care About

Ohh… There you are 😀 . Finally you found this crazy article. So, are you interested to read and watch this article? Because I am going to troll the Bollywood actresses and somewhere I am poking my nose in their matter. So, if you are that empty minded liberal specie then buddy you must leave the page right now.


Lol, still reading this article?? Haha, then I found a good companion to share my article with.

We are watching T.V with out family members and we love that, sometime these kind of liberal life of actresses causes us to feel ashamed in front of our family. In this article, I will list 5 things which Bollywood actresses don’t care about.



Getting Their Boobs Pressed :

Well you see many times in movies etc. that someone is getting fun of those soft toys, those tight hugging in public or during acting, the touch of those chest and breast. Haha, these are quite normal in Bollywood. Why this is normal??? (-_-)

Watch This Video and Get a Hint


Kissing :

Aaaahhhh…. Kissing, they say that this is very much required thing in this scene, in that scene, blah blah blu blu, I did this to keep things natural, don’t the lovers kisses in real?? We were lovers in that movie. But actually what message they are potraying is that to do these kind of act with multiple individuals is okke, today it’s Mr. A ,Yesterday it was Mr. B, C , D , E, F…Z, Mr. @, Mr. ^ , Mr. * and many more. Fun


bollywood actress kissing


OO Show :

Aaaahhhh…. Lol, I donno what is the requirement of that? In my eyes, breasts are the sexual organs, erotic ones. We respect ladies and don’t wanna see them in these kind of ootpatang clothes. And if someone stares them, then he is called pervert, charitraheen haha. Well we guys(most of us) like to be cool, calm, we like cartoons, watch discovery, play video games, try to help mom to buy grecessories, massage father’s feet, play guitar, but those half naked boobs make us erotic and take out from the comfert zone. Can’t we make a deal that you dress well and we will respect you, not from our words but from our soul too? J . [this is for all the females, not only for the actresses. Well, raping is crime in both cases and it should not be connected with the dressing sense of the female]

Some Dirty Examples :

bollywood actress clevages


Wardrove Malfunction:

I heard this line from someone very wise “if you careless, dumb, you will have to face wardrove malfunction”. Well this is true somewhere, if I am going outside, I will ensure that my clothes are well maintained, they won’t open up in public, my jeans won’t go down and expose my pubic hair and many more. How these celebrities who hire celeb stylists, whose payment is 10 times or maybe 20 times more than my father’s income face wardrove malfunction. Cool.


Here are some lol Image Collage of them


bollywood actress wardrove malfunction



Well, these are some things which they don’t care about. Someday i will catch and troll male actors too. Share , spread fun, stay cool 😀

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