14 Things That Happen When Your Friend is A Smoker

There is always that one friend in our lives who earns the title of “chimney”. That’s right. They earn it because when it comes to smoking they are an unstoppable force. they need a smoke in the morning (to accompany the newspaper), one after lunch (for good digestion) and many more such excuses throughout the day.

But only as a non-smoker you can relate to the following points of being acquaintances with a smoker:

1. Any break you take turns into a sutta break for your chumb

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It’s you, your tea, them, and their sutta.


2. If you’re in a place that has a separate smoking room, they will leave the table at occasions to go smoke

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3. Be it their bag, their drawers, or even their bathroom- there’ll be lighters everywhere

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In different colours, shapes ans sizes…and somehow, even then, they’ll be begging for a lighter.


4. And if they’re really into collecting lighters, they’ll have an enviable collection

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You’ll love it even though you don’t smoke.


5. They come up with the most creative ways of smoking when they’re with family

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And they will have the best methods of hiding the smell of smoke they’re covered with.


6. You are tired of hearing “It’s my way to de-stress” when you ask why they smoke

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Just how stressed out are you at 8 in the morning?


7. They won’t stop showing off doing tricks with the smoke if they can

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Rings, spirals, you name it and they can do it all.


8. They are more than used to you and other people lecturing them about how bad smoking is for health

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It’s the same old story for them.


9. You have also witnessed how they trade favours through cigarettes with the other fellow smokers

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Who needs cash when you can promise someone a cigarette, right?


10. You have started to recognize their presence with a faint smell of cigarettes from a distance

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It’s like their personal identity mark.


11. You have even shown them articles on how to beat the habit with all kinds of organic, natural, and harmless way

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They’ve given a blind eye to most of them.


12. You have actually tried things like breaking their cigarettes, hiding the packs, and filling the cigarettes with something other than the tobacco

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And more often than not, the result has turned out to be pretty bad.


13. But you’ve slowly started accepting the fact that your friend comes with a cigarette pack

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With a pinch (or bag) of salt, to say the least.


14. But even then, you don’t stop passive-aggressively tell them to cut down, if not entirely quit

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Because passive-aggressive is your thing, and passive smoking isn’t. 


Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty

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