10 Things Every Brahmin Who Eats Non-Veg Faces

One of the most ‘sinful’ things you can do in India is to eat non-veg being a Brahmin! Sounds shitty, but pretty true. A Brahmin is just like a priest, and for them non veg etc is not allowed.
Here are some common things every Brahmin faces in India for eating non-veg:

1. Those expressions and reactions when people learn that you eat non-veg being a Brahmin


What? Yeah, I eat! So?


2. Is your family aware about this?


Well, of course they are. What is there to hide in this?


3. And your family is okay with the fact that you eat non-veg?


Eh.. yes…infact they eat too. What’s the big deal!?


4. Aren’t Brahmins supposed to be pure vegetarians?


Nope, infact, in places like Bengal, Assam, Kashmir and Kerala consuming non-veg is commonplace.


5. Don’t you feel guilty to bhrasht your dharam (kill your relegion)?


Dude, it’s just food!


6. Paap lag gaya tumhe! Apne paap dhote kaise ho? (you will become a sinner, how do you get rid of it)


I drink gangajal twice a day. ;)


7. Who will look at your eating habits and believe that you’re a Brahmin?


Well, I don’t want people to categorize me as a Brahmin or Non-Brahmin anyway. I am a human.


8. You fell sick cause you ate non-veg being a Brahmin


Ohkay! That’s new and pretty creative. Huh!


9. You cook non-veg at home? Haaw!


Okay I eat non-veg, out in restaurants and at home. I eat it coz I like it, what has being a Brahmin got to do with it?


10. You will definitely go to hell for this sin. You’re a Brahmin’s kid and you eat non-veg. OMG!



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